Monthly Archives: November 2007


Sloppy guilt – a thing to be sorry for

live up to then let break down

Only down and bound mercilessly

Sadistic smile with ice eyes a portly paunch and musk

letting it happen, the mush that is

thinking somehow


I deserved all of this

Following directly: a running me

looking back occasionally

Heart first running:

another mistake, another disaster with a similar smile

similar paunch and another series of similar encounters

These men with a need I thought would fill my own

A sudden change of heart to this:

a bursting bitterness, unconditional forgiveness

an overwhelming lack of ill will


a generous smile and arms that only know how to hold.

JMV 11.29.2007


Digital Graveyard

It’s been awhile since I’ve written
longer still since I’ve checked up on the visible nobility
review: I was heavier then and not much else

repetitively I read about how to clean house better, quicker, with sass
each repetition slipping me further from the original truth:
I am here, oh, how I am here

All I see is where I’ve been
and all I want to see is where I’m headed next.

JMV 11.24.07