Monthly Archives: February 2008

Cat’s Eye – Margaret Atwood

There is something about reading Margaret Atwood that makes me feel like I’ve been missing some key ingredient all this time – the magic ingredient that makes reading feel more like love, and love more like a beautiful interpretation of the text.

I just finished reading Cat’s Eye, which I brought with my on my honeymoon and wasn’t able to get into it until I was recently sick with the flu. Margaret Atwood writes with the beauty of poetry. Her dialogue and characters are haunting and in this fevered moment of a finished book – I am hard pressed to come up with another author that is able to write with such beauty.

In each of her novels I have read so far: The Handmaid’s Tale, The Robber Bride, Surfacing I find similarities between the characters and some of their actions, but these things don’t feel like I’m being fooled – instead it feels as if Atwood is tugging at some memory I have of myself, those these memories are not truly my own. I can easily see how I could go on a binge of Atwood, without even trying. Unlike a single novel in a series, Margaret Atwood’s novels are complete on their own, but depth is added with each completed work.

In this sense of senseless wonder, I feel compelled to just sit around and contemplate the characters – their own complexities, the dimensions of her locations, and how all these elements tie together to give me a sense of perspective into my own life.

Damn I sure do love me a good book.


Un café por favor

I am losing my taste for coffee
the strong, rich, earthy flavor in my mouth in the morning
followed shortly by the zing of motivation.

The headaches of addiction I could do without
along with my inability to consume the amounts I have set in my brain.

Some mornings I am not feeling awake enough for coffee –
my body too aware of the acidic darkness
the way my belly contorts from lack of other.

Still, it is too late for me.
My ritual awakening
the seduction of being has already settled too far in.