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Saturday Morning

painful as an embedded sliver in my palm
I am reminiscing on the pasts of others
careening over photographs of places I have never been
a near memorization of sideways smiles and goofy grins.

Where are my similar reflections?
the documentation that I, too, existed somewhere between then and now?


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Spring is Coming

discontent brewing
a cyclical happenstance whittling away at my sanity
the booming voice of reckoning lures me to widening possibility,
but without the indication of subtlety.

gliding on hope and misspent motivation
here, in the garden of good intentions, I am weakening.
wide-eyed insomnia present,
wisps of malevolence looming over each dreaded morning

There is a way out of this, there is.
Miles from here in a saddened bunker –
I have stored away my secret weapon:
experience in hibernation.


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Morning in the Garden of Good Intentions

soft pulse
scrambled noise
scheduled attention

caffeine consumption
reluctant shuffling
time delay expanding

good morning!
good morning.
there are no appropriate words to explain


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Dear Neighbors,

The walls are very thin. I’m sure they told you when you first moved in.
Deal with it, or move out.
The people that live below you

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Silver threads

Silver threads
a burning patch of winter
numbered dates flipping past
without that weathered sense of dignity

There are numerous things left to do
the usual limits of time pressing fiendishly forward
if only we could – if only for a second – catch our breath
tropophobia settling in.


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