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Water for Elephants

Finished reading Water for Elephants last night, which was surprisingly delightful and made me want to visit a circus again, except this time perhaps get closer to the wild animals. What I loved the most about Water for Elephants was how beautifully the characters were developed, the complex interpersonal relationships, etc.

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When it’s good it’s very very good.


Terribly Taboo

Tracking the terror back
a tumble start – tiptoeing through the dusky morning
tongue tied and exhausted

For a fraction of a second wondering if
these ominous dreams are somehow carefully cloaked honesty

Brushing revelation followed by
catastrophic relief –
it was a mere mixture of someone else’s nightmare.


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Depth unknown

A night of paralyzing dreams
– the dreams of the dead –
arms flailing helplessly to break through
it is only me here

morning toes – the dream realms slipping
what was it, again? The thing that mesmerized me?
repeat, but not so swiftly.
it is only I that’s awake.


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After awhile, it becomes necessary to stop floundering and start making progress.

Tonight: the beginnings of a change.
Tomorrow: the throbbing madness will begin to subside.