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09/28/2010 Writing Prompt

“there were only four”

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09/27/2010 Writing Prompt

“a beautiful mistake”

The fall-out, prior events, how it was viewed from the eye of a bird or dog, etc.

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Yesterday I gathered 24 poems that could tie into a central theme. Half of them are incomplete poems that are in desperate need for altered lineation and a title, while the other half have already taken shape and just need some minor tweaking. I will get these things prepared for a chapbook and then I will look for a place to get it published.

After corralling the poems for the chapbook project, I went through the notebooks in the bookcase and noticed I have 7 notebooks dating back to 2003 that need to be typed up. Looks like I’ve got some good winter work ahead of me.

The key for me is to stay motivated and to avoid getting thrown off track. Not only should I be writing more frequently, I should also be reviewing and editing and compiling my work. I had so much hope for myself as a writer, but got tired of trying and allowed “life” to get in the way. What’s especially sad about the situation is that I still feel that writing is life. I have been sabotaging myself at every turn because I am afraid of rejection and I’m afraid of true success.

This motivation streak can’t last for just a day, or a week, or a month. This has to last forever. I need to continue to force myself into action or it will just be another hobby. I don’t want it to be listed in the category of “things I used to do.”

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