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Phone Call

Phone Call
Johanna M. Geiger


Too much: the morsels of questioning –

this incessant hum encouraging betrayal.

How would you know of my ever-present musings?

This moment – stolen –  twelve years of looking back plus

fifteen more spent wishing for the future.


Memories: these flecks of gold dust     barely visible and wholly insignificant alone.


Reaching out: a suspended tragedy.  How often I halt my hands from that final connection

plus – the likelihood of a response is as low as is

my actual desire to create reality.



More of my poetry can be found at Wattpad. The formatting shows up much better there.

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What I’m reading now

I like to keep a stack of books around to fit my varying moods. Listed below are some titles I’m currently in the middle of:

Plus a smattering of other books in my “to-be-read” pile. Some of which have been started, some that I haven’t even turned the cover back yet. I’m hoping the holiday weekend will enable me to have a new slate of books in my pile for the start of the next week. Here’s hoping.

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8/30/2012 Writing Prompt

late start, late bloomer, late tidings

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8/29/2012 Writing Prompt

Write about an ordinary object with sudden, new properties.

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8/25/2012 Writing Prompt

Write about a simple plan gone horribly wrong.

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