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Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling
Johanna M. Geiger

Often enough I am failing love
like the blossoming scent of
white tea with lemongrass –

the way your smile creeps across
the floorboards and moves me to silence.

For us, this life is a forest of possibility.
I am in the process of smashing it.

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When becoming more means being less

When becoming more means being less
Johanna M. Geiger

constant blast of clammy air
purply fingers and the dull throb from yesterday’s pain.
I am needing less and less of you, still
everywhere I go I see little trinkets once left behind.
Remembered faintly, a wisp of anxiety riddled peace
Go, go, gone now –
the sky of  wonder
blank of tension
it’s this chill that has taken up residence in my bones.

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9/28/2012 Writing Prompt

One fuzzy step after the other.

Write about a dream-character come to life. Try both a figure from nightmare and a figure from . . . more pleasant times.

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9/27/2012 Writing Prompt

a tree on a rock or cliff or other precarious surface

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9/26/2012 Writing Prompt

Last night, a portly woman smoking a cigarette between her thumb and forefinger approached me in the parking lot as I left the grocery store. She said, “Excuse me, ma’m? Ma’m, I understand times are hard and all, but I don’t get my food stamps until the 5th. Is there anything you can do to help me out?”


Write about the circumstances that would lead you to ask for cash in a parking lot.

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9/21/2012 Writing Prompt

Write about a silly escalation gone horribly wrong.

pranks, pranks, silly pranks.

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9/20/2012 Writing Prompt

Buttoning up.


Could be:

the garden, boots, shirts, paperwork, boxes, umbrellas, running water, jackets, etc. Make it interesting!

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Write about loss of sleep, of exhaustion, about that time the penguins came marching in.


And, oh yeah, Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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