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10/29/2013 Writing Prompt

Seven word self-portraits.

Today’s writing prompt comes from Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia of ALTPOETICS and kjpgarcia | Scintilla Conscire. Stop by, check him out, come back and write some more!

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10/27/2013 Writing Prompt

I guess I could’ve gone to Philadelphia today.

Write about all the other places you could be, but aren’t.

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10/23/2013 Writing Prompt

nauseated and alone. brain still thick with sleep.

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Trigger me Do

trigger me do
Johanna M. Geiger

the haunting light of summer evenings
skin’s forgiving ease and the beauty of a breeze, however warm
trees waving with differing intensities

If I pay attention enough I can feel myself slipping into a trance-like state.
here is where creation lies – the things I’ve learned how to do with my hands
the feeling of the keys against my fingertips or the way the cello strings felt

the haunting hollow I felt in my gut sliding the horsehair bow from one end to the other.
similarly, writing is a full body activity. Here I am letting my mind free while my hands stay grounded here. It is a blessing to feel to strive for improvement

the dirtied screen lets in just enough light to caress the dirty dishes lining the sink.
Funny how I spent the day home partially cleaning, just to feel that nothing at all has been accomplished.

I don’t need so much to figure out where I’m headed
not when I’ve been in control of my own happiness for so long. I can see how

the balmy weather stirs the trees into such a frenzy
a variation of passionate intensity covering the full range of emotions
never still despite being rooted firmly
If I close my eyes I too can become organic and lovely.

coffee cups and travel maps

my past heartache is just a manifestation of my roving.
lately I’ve wanted a cigarette to remember how I’ve never been an addict
remembering wandering outside after midnight to feel the cooling dew between my toes
the evening breeze floating through my nightgown – back when I wore nightgowns.
commonalities and inappropriate crushes.
How could I pity anyone who follows through on some levels of madness?


From 2008 & part of the Invisible Wires collection

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