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12/26/2013 Guest Writing Prompt

My shadow gazed ominously

Diana Reed’s blog:

Diana Reed Bio
I am a soul searcher, finding the balance between left and right, up and down, backwards, forwards and present moments. I write about life, how it unfolds, where we’re going, and how the hell to get there.

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12/24/2013 Writing Prompt

Write about a lost love, how you used to feel.

Write about the pending divorce, about the separation of belongings, about the other half missing.

Write your future, your dreams, your aspirations for yourself.

Write it down and keep it close to your heart, always.

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Johanna M. Geiger / Johanna M. Vining

soap decaying in the shower past three weeks
possibly not to be removed until

bubble bath and it sits inches from eyeballs
fleck of flesh and those tiny hairs
once pressed to my skin. This skin, once yours.

cracks forming, always with the cracks forming
this decay – slimy, then flaking dry
coating the side of the shower, but only until

until there is nothing left but residue –
white, chalky substance on the fingers
impossible to clear off the heart.

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