8/17/2014 Writing Prompt

one missing shoe, one missing lens

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2 thoughts on “8/17/2014 Writing Prompt

  1. mmkstarr says:

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    There was once a ant fro Nantucke. Coudln’t fiend for iselntte. Brrtey innit final for the oth kinds.


    I miss having all of this, in all honesty. The slow itemized mind will find itself swamped by choices. And if all choices come with force, he is indeed in trouble. That’s someone else’s homework, though, I suppose. Or perhaps military strategy, chess, go, and Risk (World Domination) were meant for Special Time. That is, to dissolve conflict, some world leaders in their minds keep a diaphragm. Some keep in their peripheral vision a poly-whirl. And the two together inevitably send shills down the spines of the things

    Iffen you find yourself on a grid, do send the weakeste onery two spaces over.

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