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Upon Awakening

Upon Awakening
Johanna M. Geiger


I listened to you snore for twenty minutes
touched your hair and earlobe, then cascaded down the stairs.

Saturday mornings are meant for silent contemplation,
good coffee and lazy showers.

While our world is covered in a light snow blanket I wonder if
the lilacs will bloom and if the little one will survive.

It is easy to make warm weather promises
when the world is cocooned in quiet winter.



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SUnday Writing Prompt

“in the garden”

descriptions, what happened there, something else entirely.


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Second of July

Outside my window:

  • a pear tree that was once thought to be an apple tree (silly me)
  • 3 Blue Jays
  • a handful of chipmunks
  • a yellow finch
  • an unknown beautiful bird with deep yellow/orange and black markings.

The back deck is wet and deceivingly slick.

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With the weather like this, all I want to do is sit near a window and write.

*wanders off*

Dear Neighbors,

The walls are very thin. I’m sure they told you when you first moved in.
Deal with it, or move out.
The people that live below you

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