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My anger has wings

My ex-husband cheated on me with one of his coworkers. I walked in on them when he thought I would be gone and he, in typical fashion, told me it was my fault it happened. At this instant, I stood up to him. Told him this was not something he could flip back on me.

He was 30, she was 23. They’re together now and I am fairly certain the same thing will happen to her. Because that’s just the way of things. I feel justified and I also feel terribly sad for her because she doesn’t know any better. Because he’s a damaged human being. Because he will flip his insecurities back on her and make her -always- feel like she is less than her true worth.

I want to hate her, but I can’t fully. I can only feel sorry for her ignorance, for her own youthful arrogance. But also, I have absolutely no respect for her existence, because she knew better, but continued the encounter anyway.

There is justice in this world, but it is subtle. And I may never know the outcome of their conjoined misery, but I can feel in my heart of hearts that I tried to do the right thing.

Above all, I am free. Despite the horror of walking in on them, I am thankful for that encounter because now I am free.

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10/8/2012 Thoughts on Toast

Monday Mornings: If I could spend my days reading & writing poetry, I would.

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Always trying new things; I joined wattpad yesterday. It’s been interesting so far. Check it out!

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When it’s good it’s very very good.