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8/8/2017 Writing Prompt

a bottle of wine and the usual chatter

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11/1/2014 Writing Prompt

describe the walk home from the bar/pub/tavern/coffee shop

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Business Trip

Business Trip
Johanna M. Vining | Johanna M. Geiger

Here I am
fingers stuck in the knotted tree
my face pummeled with bees

White kindness echoing across the treetops –
a tome too bulky to carry along with me.

Last night, oh, last night I celebrated your absence by
painting all the doors in the house a foggy shade of green.
I awoke speckled in bee stings and with a hollow ache
at the base of my curved spine.
I thought I heard you whispering to me,
but it was only the attic mice ravishing the poison.

From out your window I imagine you remembering me,
but not as I truly am, only as I’d like to see myself.

With you gone, I don’t know what to do with myself.
I stand in the center of the living room with my hands on my hips,
my hair a shambles haloing my head.
I walk through each room of the house this way,
assessing the situation and making notes for improvement.
I turn the T.V. on too loud,
I crack open an orphaned beer and bind my hair in a knot.

“This is what it would be like if…,” but I don’t finish the sentence
there is no need to give extra significance to this temporary situation.


BusinessTrip pdf with the preferred formatting.

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