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7/7/2017 Writing Prompt

book club connection gone wrong

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6/3/2017 Writing Prompt

the antagonist of your favorite fiction is real

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4/21/2013 Writing Prompt

Write about the insurance getting cancelled, the car payments and the numerous outstanding loans your character has. Write in a challenge, a solution, a trans-galaxy entity that will wipe out your debt.

Be resourceful and imaginative, otherwise, what’s the point in dreaming?

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12/17/2012 Writing Prompt

A Haunting deconstructed

Write about the ways in which you (or your character) is haunted. Be it by the past, by current things in their life, or by supernatural beings.

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Newness, mushy newness

I’ve added some new poems to the Invisible Wires series over on Wattpad. Feel free to check-um out!


Something like a Coma


I’ve been using Wattpad for my poetry because it’s a little easier for me to see which posts are most popular and it’s got a great budding community of supportive writers. Though I also have a domain, I’ve been a bit torn on the best way to go about communication, so I’ve mostly put it on the back burner until I have more time to tend to it.

From the NaNoWriMo front, I’m ahead of the word-count in order to finish on time, so I took yesterday off from my fiction attempts to tend to my poetry. What I love the most about NaNoWriMo, and may have already said it before, is that it keeps me in the writing mindset. Yesterday I spent the same amount of time writing poetry as I would have on the fiction. I’m calling this month a win based on the writing schedule/renewed need factor.

I have, however, hit the point of my very, very rough novel where I’m sortof sick of the characters. They need more/less flaws. I’ve got to even them out a bit, but I hadn’t had the energy to tackle that yet. Tonight’s the night for that sort of thing.

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