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1/25/2015 Writing Prompt

marriages made by time

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8/22/2014 Writing Prompt

Write about the person from your past you haven’t been able to “shake”. Mentally. Physically. Write the ways in which you are haunted.

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The Words Won’t

The words won’t
Johanna M. Vining

So much to say to you, like
I sometimes leave the kitchen cabinets open
   like leaving the door to my heart slightly ajar
which I guess could mean a couple things, but I think we both know

assumptions abound and I am remembering these past few months
you in the car before meeting my mother
me in the car looking at the mountains while you asked of my divorce
I didn’t want to say, but then my mouth door opened

mornings I pour this coffee down my throat
think of all the things my dreams were telling me, like
he’s the one! but what does that mean? it doesn’t matter, he is.
no verbalized supporting details, but I can’t argue

anxiety both more and less swollen
office drawer open, the pills roll in their amber case
folder covered, shut and relocked.
That was someone else, someone else, someone else.

Hum cutting the silence: I ask myself what it feels like to love,
but can’t give a good, solid answer because it keeps changing.
I want to say, this love, it keeps changing, but the words won’t
wrap themselves around my tongue, so I look to you.


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3/20/2014 Writing Prompt

Write about the differences that appear from one year to the next. Write about your mind-state from 2013, 2003, from what you might like to expect in 2023. Be fearless, or write from the perspective of your main character. Whatever rocks your fingers.

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Every Car Passes and I Think It’s You

Every Car Passes and I Think It’s You
Johanna M. Vining

every car passes and I think it’s you
is this love or is it
uncertainty following a mess of nothingness

I like where this is going, but also

where is this going?

sometimes your hand forms a pillar against my skin
that lump on my spine – that formation hovering just beneath the surface
I am both things – lust and that unnamed emotion
a filter at the back of my brain
pressing urgency
muscle tension and the way my eyeballs roll and roll

introductions – this life once lived. This life of yours that I feel I must own
but without that other sense of urgency that follows
hellohellohello take me as I am
and you are,




every time I imagine you moulding your history around my hands
how so, sew, sough
projection called out.

another distant rumble
another call to order
your hands gripping my hips

and this is this is this IS

there is too much to explain and I can’t quite find the words or
remember if you were the one that called me on my inability to speak coherently

my mother called tonight and I spouted this wonder
these words that flew from my mouth concerning you

one ear to the window
one ear to the door

can you hear my heart beating?
beat, beat, beating.


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Johanna M. Geiger / Johanna M. Vining

soap decaying in the shower past three weeks
possibly not to be removed until

bubble bath and it sits inches from eyeballs
fleck of flesh and those tiny hairs
once pressed to my skin. This skin, once yours.

cracks forming, always with the cracks forming
this decay – slimy, then flaking dry
coating the side of the shower, but only until

until there is nothing left but residue –
white, chalky substance on the fingers
impossible to clear off the heart.

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