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7/28/2017 Writing Prompt

the knives are sharp and a finger is missing

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No time

no time
Johanna M. Geiger

no time, but
my mother said the other half is missing
good bad or indifferent
for the past nine years
not really alone until

no time, but
there was a nickel under the ghost of the dresser
four square footprints puncturing the carpet
slip of ribbon
single hanger on the rack
why not take this one?

no time, but
every room has an echo
an empty draft blowing through
what to do what to do with the empty room
former office, future unknown
stacked books on the dusty carpet

no time, but
came home anyway
windows lit with every bulb in the house
door shut and unlocked
separation some cords reached from beneath the credenza
other half missing

no time, but
dust bunnies that took up residence
must go these skin particles
these fragments of the missing half
the present half mingled must be
sucked up and disposed

no time, but
the other half is missing
good bad or indifferent
these past nine years
never really alone

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10/19/2013 Writing Prompt

she jumped, and it wasn’t as if there hadn’t been a warning

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