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8/9/2017 Writing Prompt

rage shakes

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Glass Bursting Rage

Glass Bursting Rage
Johanna M. Geiger

Glass bursting rage
A forced reckoning

Do you remember walking in bearded twilight?
Hands held: a mask of forgiveness

Pattering rain   and   the hopeless wish for time to pause.
I was       and now we are
this visage of simple perfection – only ever one step from procurement

There is nothing, nothing, nothing else for us here.


Part of the Invisible Wires series on Wattpad

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Spring is Coming

discontent brewing
a cyclical happenstance whittling away at my sanity
the booming voice of reckoning lures me to widening possibility,
but without the indication of subtlety.

gliding on hope and misspent motivation
here, in the garden of good intentions, I am weakening.
wide-eyed insomnia present,
wisps of malevolence looming over each dreaded morning

There is a way out of this, there is.
Miles from here in a saddened bunker –
I have stored away my secret weapon:
experience in hibernation.


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