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Progress report

How’s the One Year Project working?

Not well. It’s not working well at all.

Days written:

11/18/09 & 11/22/09

and yet it continues.

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Day 2, Erum…. Day 1

Yesterday’s beginning didn’t work out so well, unless you count thinking about it all day, then doing nothing by the end of things.

The main problem with starting big projects on days that have other meanings (i.e. Anniversary, Birthday) is that there’s less room for the regular activities, let alone for a “new” one.

That being said – I’ve finally started the project and the rules I’ve set for myself are as follows.

  1. Write daily. There will be no missed days on account of sickness or holidays. I will, however, refrain from an all-or-nothing approach – after all: I’m only human.
  2. Even if I am having no problems getting started or finding content, I will do at least 1 writing exercise from the various books I’ve accumulated over the years.
  3. From now through November 2010, I will submit my work to at least 6 different places. Though this number is low, I’ve found it’s more motivating to accomplish smaller goals than have a looming large one sucking up all the motivation. Goals are fluid – once I meet this one early in the year, I’ll change it and keep going. The key right now is to get started.

Three rules. Three very simple guidelines. How will I measure? The same way I always have – I’ll put it all in a black binder and see what comes of it on my 28th birthday.

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The 1 Year Project Begins

The truth: I haven’t been writing, though I’ve wanted to.

The solution: The 1 year project.

I will write daily for the next year & keep all the writings in a separate folder. The daily topics will come from A Writers Book of Days. I’ve attempted this before, but not with this sort of time frame in mind. I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day working on the exercises. The hope is that I will propel myself back into the swing of the writing life and will have something more than the exercises to show for it at the end.

I crave structure, and I’ve been denying myself this aspect of well-being in order to focus on a few other things.

It’s time to begin again.

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